A disconnected Agent is one that cannot connect or communicate with the Peer Management Broker and Peer Management Center in a timely fashion.


Many factors can cause an Agent to disconnect.  Causes include:  

  • The server hosting the Peer Management Center and Peer Management Broker is down
  • The server hosting the Agent is down.
  • The Peer Management Broker Service is down.
  • The Peer Agent Service is down. 
  • The connectivity between the Broker and the Agent is still functioning but very slow to respond.
  • The timeout setting (Missed Heartbeats before Agent Disconnect) is set too low. 
  • The IP of the Peer Management server has changed.
  • The service account for the Agent has changed or the password has changed.
  • New firewall restrictions are restricting communication between the Agent and the Peer Management Broker.
  • The Agent is being updated to a new version. 

Reconnecting an Agent

The Agent should connect automatically once the cause is resolved.

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