General information

  • If you are running an older version, you will have to request a new license key.  Please submit an upgrade request from the following page:
  • If you are upgrading the current version of PeerLock (4.x to 4.y), simply install the application over your existing PeerLock and the previous version will be backed up in a subfolder called 'BACKUP' (if the option to keep a backup is selected during the installation).
  • If you are evaluating a new version of PeerLock 4.y and you already have an existing copy of PeerLock 4.x, please select a new directory during the installation.

Check the Product Updates page periodically to download the latest executable.

If you are running our Collaboration package, we recommend checking for available upgrades to our PeerSync and ByteReplicator (PSListener Agent) software as well.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Stop PeerLock.exe (Check the Task Manager-->Processes from all users to make sure all running instances are closed).
  2. Browse to your existing PeerLock installation folder and rename or delete your PeerLock.exe file. (Do this if upgrading in the same install folder.)
  3. Run the downloaded .exe upgrade file (see General Information above for information on how to obtain the upgrade).
  4. Once the PeerLock application has been upgraded, restart your PeerLock Service/Application.

You may be prompted to reboot the server after the install. If prompted please reboot your system to complete the upgrade.