This document outlines how to properly upgrade your PeerSync and PeerSync Listener (ByteReplicator - TCP WAN Connector/ PSListener Agent) from one version to the next.

General information

Check the Product Updates page periodically to download the latest executable. Your Authorization Key will continue to work with minor updated versions. However, major releases will require a New Authorization Key.

To get the latest versions of PeerSync and the PSListener (ByteReplicator or TCP WAN Connector agent), request an update from our Product Update Request Form

If you are upgrading the current version of PeerSync (9.x to 9.y), simply install the application over your existing PeerSync application and the previous version will be backed up in a subfolder called 'BACKUP' (if the option to keep a backup is selected during the installation).

Step-by-step guide

  1. Stop PeerSync.exe and PSProfiler.exe (Check the Task Manager-->Processes from all users to make sure all running instances are closed).
  2. Browse to your existing PeerSync installation folder and rename or delete your PeerSync.exe and PSProfiler.exe files (Do this if upgrading in the same install folder).
  3. Optionally, make a backup of your .SNC file(s) (PeerSync Profiles) by copying them to an alternate location. These files are normally located in the installation folder (possibly in the Profiles sub directory) unless you specified a different location during the Profile configuration.
  4. Run the downloaded .exe upgrade file (see General Information above for information on how to obtain the upgrade).
  5. If you are running PeerSync with the ByteReplicator or the TCP WAN Connector, follow the below steps to also upgrade the PSListener.exe
  6. Log on to the machine where the PSListener.exe is installed and check your Task Manager for any pslistener.exe processes and end them if running.
  7. Go into your Windows-->System 32 folder (in 32bit Operating Systems) or SYSWOW64 (in 64bit Operating Systems) and look for the pslistener.exe file.
  8. Rename or delete this file.
  9. Run the downloaded .exe upgrade file (see General Information above for information on how to obtain the upgrade).
  10. Once the PeerSync and PSListener applications have been upgraded, if running as a service go into your Services window and re-enter the logon credential for each of the services. Then restart the PeerSync Professional Series Software Service and the PSListener Utility Software Service.

You may be prompted to reboot the server after the install of either of these two applications. If prompted, please reboot your system to complete the upgrade.