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Best Practices: CommVault file collaboration


  • Synchronize CommVault placeholder files without recalling them.
  • Ensure that file archiving and unarchiving events are mirrored across all participating sites.

CommVault recommendations

  • The CommVault Agent must be installed and running on all the servers where users will open files.
  • The CommVault archiving policy must leave behind placeholder shortcut files immediately after files have been archived.
  • Support for CommVault placeholder files applies only to files and will not apply to email, SharePoint, or social media information that may be managed by CommVault.

Peer Global File Service configuration options

  • Enter 29 in the File Metadata > Reparse Tag Name (numerical value only) field.
  • Identify the host where CommVault archives files. In Peer Global File Service, select that host from the File Metadata > Reparse Master Host drop-down list. During scans, Peer Global File Service will synchronize the placeholder files from the Master Host to all participating sites.

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