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Enhanced bi-directional synchronization mode options

How do you configure enhanced bi-directional synchronization mode options?


Prior to enabling the use enhanced bi-directional synchronization mode options setting, the following criteria should be configured in your profile:

  • File Options -> Bi-directional (both directions)
  • Miscellaneous -> Turn file archive attribute off after synchronization
  • Miscellaneous -> Include attribute change as synchronization criteria

    The Miscellaneous settings are enabled to ensure that some folder renames do not cause an unwanted deletion.

  • The Last Run Date is posted to the TLR file and displayed under Folder Selection for each job. This date is only posted when there are no errors in the last scan execution of the job; any errors in the log file will cause no date to be posted and therefore the intended results will not be achieved.
  • This setting is not recommended for version 7.2.1 since the date posted to the TLR is not properly displayed in the profile.

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