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Why are ~pc*.tmp files appearing in folders monitored by PeerGFS?


What is creating ~pc*.tmp files within folders monitored by PeerGFS?  They do not appear to be generated by users or user applications.  Can I delete these files? 


During replication, PeerGFS creates temp files in folders monitored by PeerGFS so that the files being replicated cannot be deleted while they are being transferred to the target hosts.  This ensures file integrity during changes to the system.
The creation of the ~pc temp files is normal behavior for PeerGFS.  However, if PeerGFS components such as the Peer Management Center or Agent are stopped or restarted in the middle of file transfers, these temp files can be left behind.

You can manually remove these ~pc*.tmp files.  However, when trying to remove one, you may receive an error saying that the file is locked and in use; PeerGFS is still using that specific temp file and it should be cleaned up when PeerGFS is done with its work.

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