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Best Practices: Civil 3D Sheet Set (*.DST)

Sheet Sets are stored in *.DST files that are not locked when they are loaded by users. Therefore, multiple users can load the same Sheet Set and have access to the same referenced files. If one user makes a change to the Sheet Set, such as adding, removing, renaming/re-ordering sheets, the changes to the DST file are synchronized by Peer Global File Service and changes are automatically reloaded in the Sheet Set Manager for other users to see. Users may have to periodically refresh the Sheet Set Manager to see the latest changes. 

Sheet Set Manager

The Sheet Set Manager displays the little “lock” icon next to a referenced file that is in-use if the file has an associated DWL drawing lock file. By default, DWL files are excluded in Peer Global File Service and will require the following change for Sheet Set files to be properly synchronized:
  • Remove the *.dwl* filter that exists in the Default filter definition
  • Create/add a new filter to exclude *.dwl2 files.
  • Add the attached fc.ini file into the following directory: ...\Peer Software\Peer Management Center\Hub\workspace. This file contains an argument that allows Peer Global File Service to create and lock a DWL stub file on the target locations.

  • Stop and restart the Hub service for the changes in the fc.ini file to take effect.

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