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Configure a blackout period to stop synchronization for specific times of the day

An administrator may want to limit resource usage when the network bandwidth is busy with other activities (such as during working hours).  

Step-by-step guide

1. Click on Blackout Settings under Automation in the left menu tree.  In order for Blackout Settings to appear in the menu, the left menu tree has to be in Intermediate or Advanced mode. 

2. Select the specific job in the Profiler Job List that you wish to enable blackout settings for or else add another job.

3. In the main window, enter a Start and End Time (the duration of the blackout period, e.g., from 8 AM to 6 PM) or multiple start and end times; all times will be added to the List of Current Selections). 

4. Check the box Suspend active scans when a Blackout Period starts for active scans to resume when the blackout period ends.  If not checked, scans that were active upon start of a blackout period will be restarted (from the beginning) when the blackout period expires. Any scans scheduled to run during a blackout period will run after the blackout period ends, as long as Suspend active scans when a blackout period starts is enabled.

5. Save your changes and restart the PeerSync Application or Service for the changes to take effect.

If a blackout period begins as a large file is being transferred, PeerSync will allow the transfer to complete but suspend any new events from being processed before the blackout period ends.

Any changes made to the Profiler will take effect after the application or service is restarted.

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