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Set up file revisioning

This will allow you to store x number of file revisions, if you need to revert back to an earlier version.


Set up your PeerSync job with your Source/Target Folder and basic settings.

Step-by-step guide

1. Make sure your left menu tree is in the Advanced mode.

2. Select the Miscellaneous option from the left menu tree.

3. Check Use intermediate file during copy.

4. Click the Revisioning option from the left menu tree.

5. Check the option Revisioning - Keep backup files of overwritten Target Files.

6. Type in the number of file revisions you wish to keep. The file revisions will have a .psbak1, .psbak2, .psbak3 at the end of the file name (e.g., Document.doc.psbak2).

7. Select one of the following options:

   a) Keep File in Target Folder  (With this option, PeerSync will keep x number of revisions in the Target Folder).

   b) Keep Files in Deletion Folder (With this option, PeerSync will keep the x number of revisions you specified in the Deletion Folder. The Deletion folder is only available if you have Replicate – Delete unmatched files turned on in File Options and you have Move deleted files to an alternate location turned on.)

   c) Keep files in Alternate Folder (With this option, you may specify the folder path where you would like the revisions stored to. This option will give you the ability to specify a separate revision folder per Job.)

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