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What does the Clean Up Trash Bin command do?

The Clean Up Trash Bin command is available when you right-click in the Summary tab of the Collab, Sync, and Replication Summary view.

This command triggers a scan of the hidden target protection folder .pc-trash_bin to determine if any files have reached their expiration time and deletes them. This scan is normally automatically triggered daily at 12:00 AM. However. if you have an immediate need for disk space, you can use this command to purge those files.

Target protection is used to protect files on target hosts by saving a backup copy before a file is either deleted or overwritten on the target host. If a job has target protection enabled, then whenever a file is deleted or modified on the source host but before the changes are propagated to the targets, a copy of the existing file on the target is moved to the Peer Management Center trash bin.

See the User Guide for more information on editing a job that has target protection enabled.  You can change the number of files to protect and the number of days to keep a backup copy.

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