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What is the disk space requirement for PeerSync?

The PeerSync standard copy method requires that you have the same amount of space on the target device as the size of the files that you need to add or update plus an additional byte of overhead for each file. For example, server A has 10 files that need to be added to server B. Each file is 5 MB in size. Server B would then need to have 50 MB of space available, plus 10 bytes, 1 extra byte for each file.

Even if you use the ByteReplicator option (which only transfers the changed portion of files), you will need to have space available equivalent to the size of the files you need to add/update plus 1 byte for each file. This is because PeerSync will first need to allocate the space and build the file on the target before transferring the new bytes, and then deleting the old file.

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