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What types of data are uploaded to Proactive Monitoring?

The Proactive Monitoring system uses telemetry data that is uploaded to Microsoft Azure by PeerGFS.


This telemetry data falls into three categories:

  • PMC Details
  • Agent Details
  • Job Details

The table below describes what data is included in each category.  Data in the Standard column is uploaded when Proactive Monitoring is enabled.  Data in the Optional column is uploaded only if selected.

PMC DetailsIncludes details about the PMC deployment.  Details include service memory consumption, replication backlog, quarantines, license consumption, and watch set.

IP Information - The IP address of the server that PMC is installed on.

Statistical Information - In-depth statistics about the queues and performance of PeerGFS's replication engine.

Agent DetailsIncludes the details about the Agents that are connected to PMC.  Details include service and server memory consumption, replication throughput, uptime, operating system, and disconnect counts.

IP Information - The IP addresses of the server that Agents are installed on.

Agent Names - The names assigned to the Agents (typically the name of the Windows Server).  If this is not checked, random strings will be used in the Proactive Monitoring system to represent each Agent.

Agent Locations - The locations (the latitude, longitude, city, state, and country) of the Agents.  This information can be displayed in a map showing replication traffic by geographic location.

Note:  This information must be entered on the Agent Locations page of the Set Up Proactive Monitoring wizard, which will only be displayed if you check Include Agent Locations.  The Agents do not automatically self-detect their locations.

Storage Information - Information specific to the storage platforms that each Agent is managing, including available and used diskspace.

Job DetailsIncludes the details about the file collaboration, synchronization and/or replication jobs configured within PMC.  Per-job details include replication backlog, replication throughput, scan details, and watch set growth.

Job Names - The names of the file collaboration, synchronization, and replication jobs configured in PMC.  If this is not checked, random strings will be used in the Proactive Monitoring system to represent each job.

MED Alerts - If MED alerts are enabled in PMC, this option will include any alerts for display in the Proactive Monitoring system.

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