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SQL Setup Guide

Last Updated8 April 2022


  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or newer is required. This can be installed on the Peer Agent server or on another server in the environment. If using another SQL installed on a server in the environment, we recommend a low latency connection between it and the Peer Agent server.


  1. Install Microsoft SQL Server Express 2019 (any edition of SQL 2012, 2014, 2016, or 2019 will also work):
    1. Download and run the Express installer from
    2. When prompted for installation type, select Basic.
    3. Use the defaults for the remaining installer settings and complete the installation.

  2. Install Microsoft SQL Management Studio 18.11.1 (previous versions will work as well):
    1. Download and run the Studio installer from
    2. Use the defaults and restart the system when prompted.

  3. Open SQL Server Configuration Manager.

  4. Expand the SQL Server Network Configuration node and select Protocols for <SQL Server Instance Name>.

  5. Make sure that TCP/IP is set to Enabled.

  6. Right-click TCP/IP, and then select Properties.
  7. On the Protocol tab, make sure that Listen All is set to Yes.

  8. On the IP Addresses tab, go to the IPAll section, set the TCP Port value to 1433, and then click OK.

  9. The SQL service must be restarted for the changes to take effect,. To do so, select the SQL Server Services node from the tree on the left, right-click on the SQL Server (<SQL Server Instance Name>) on the right, and then select Restart.

  10. In the same list on the right, right-click SQL Server Browser, select the Service tab, and set Start Mode to Automatic.

  11. Select the Log On tab, and then click Start.
  12. Click OK.

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