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What functions are available in PeerSync v9.4.0's PowerShell toolkit?

  • Ability to create a Profile from scratch from an existing Profile (e.g., Template Profile and/or other user defined Profile).
  • Ability to get a job default object to modify and use in job manipulation scripts.
  • Ability to display job information in different levels of display (e.g., Job Names, Column info)
  • Ability to show and store job information (e.g., show in a grid and save to csv file).
  • Ability to add jobs to a Profile.
  • Ability to start PeerSync as an application.
  • Ability to install PeerSync service.
  • Ability to set service credentials.
  • Ability to uninstall PeerSync service.
  • Ability to start PeerSync service.
  • Ability to stop PeerSync service.
  • Ability to start a selected pending job by job name.
  • Ability to start all pending jobs.
  • Ability to stop running jobs.
  • Ability to restart stopped jobs.
  • Ability to launch Profiler for display of service.
  • Ability to close Profiler that was started for display.
  • Created example demo script for testing and seeing usages.
  • Created various helper scripts for the above items and future scripts.
  • Created scripts for creating, importing, updating (create/import) and removing modules.

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