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Issues runing PeerSync as a service


I set up PeerSync to run as a service but I am getting a lot of error messages (e.g., Access Denied, Could Not Copy, Connection Failure) in the log file or my service does not start. 


1. Test your service log-on credentials:

  • Your log-on user for the PeerSync Service is an Administrator or Domain/Administrator with enough rights to be able to access and modify your Source Folder and your Target Folder.
  • Your password is correct and has been retyped/confirmed.

2.  Test the permissions:

a. Log onto your machine with the specified Admin account used for the PeerSync Service.

b. Open your source folder and your target folder through Windows Explorer and test the add, update, and delete options of each of the two folders to verify that the account has enough rights for PeerSync to replicate the data.

c. Make sure PeerSync runs as an Application is enabled and is able to connect to each source and target location and process files and folders as expected.

If you continue to have issues with setting up PeerSync to run as a service, contact Peer Support Help Desk

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