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What anonymous diagnostic data is collected?

Starting in PeerGFS v5.1.1, a new anonymous diagnostic data collection option is available on the Analytics preference page in the PMC client.  The data uploaded by this option is designed to help Peer Software improve PeerGFS and contains no customer identifiable information.

Data points include:

  • The version of the PMC that is in-use.
  • Total number of Agents, jobs, and TBs in-use vs licensed.
  • Total watch set counts for files, folders, and bytes.
  • Total number of quarantines and alerts across all jobs.
  • Operating system versions of PMC, Agents, and any paired NAS devices.
  • Memory and disk statistics across PMC and Agents.
  • Total number of jobs using various features such as Cloud Backup and Replication, DFS Namespace Management, etc.

You can opt out of this anonymous data collection by unchecking the Share anonymous diagnostic data with Peer Software option on the Analytics preference page in the PMC client.

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