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What is PeerIQ?

Peer Software provides a new virtual appliance to our subscription customers that contains a self-hosted dashboard and analytics environment named PeerIQ. PeerIQ offers tools to system administrators for monitoring the health and performance of PeerGFS and the replication environment. PeerIQ provides intelligent insights into how PeerGFS and your storage environment are performing.

PeerIQ is hosted by you, either on-premises or in a public cloud provider. It is available as a VMware ova, a Hyper-V vhd, and a Nutanix AHV qcow2. Once the appliance is deployed, set up of PeerIQ is quick and easy with a simple configuration on the PeerIQ side, followed by the enabling of a single option on the Analytics preference page.  Its dashboards are viewable in a web browser and provide a visual and interactive interface that displays telemetry data that is updated automatically every few seconds by default.

PeerIQ is currently designed to provide information such as:

  • Agent information, including disk space and memory utilization of all Agents.
  • Job information, including watch set growth and overall performance.
  • Overall PMC information, including disk space and memory utilization, queue backlogs, and quarantine counts.
  • Details about free and consumed space on the volumes that are being monitored by PeerGFS.
  • Details about your PeerGFS license utilization with projections about when you will run out of licensed capacity.
  • Insights about the type of files that are stored on your storage infrastructure.

Some of the information displayed in PeerIQ is available in the Peer Management Center interface; however, PeerIQ brings the information together for easy access and provides historical data not found in the PMC interface.

PeerIQ in the Future

In the future, the PeerIQ will provide even more information and in greater detail. For example:

  • Proactive information about your PeerGFS environment, how well it is performing, and details about what it is replicating.
  • Trends and insights around what is stored on the file servers across your storage infrastructure.
  • Trends and insights around how your users and applications are using the data on the file servers across your storage infrastructure.

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