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Set up multiple jobs

Setting up a job - Basic Configuration 

  1. Select Source/Target Combination
    A job is a Source/Target Combination with all the necessary settings for the desired synchronization.  A major advantage of using our PeerSync product is the ability to create multiple jobs and specify individual settings and running modes (e.g., You can have one job running in real-time and one on a schedule).

  2. Add a new Job by clicking on the Add New Job from the main PeerSync interface button on the bottom right pane. You may also right-click in the top right pane of the main interface, and then select Add Job with Defaults. or select Add Job with Wizard if you wish to follow the onscreen instructions provided by the wizard.

  3. Rename the Job by double-clicking the job name and typing in the desired name.

  4. Select your Source/Target Job Combination by selecting the Folder Selection window from the left menu tree. You may use VPN, UNC paths, TCP, or FTP.
    SOURCE FOLDER: This is the folder/directory where the files you wish to replicate/synchronize are stored.
    TARGET FOLDER: This is the folder/directory on your secondary drive where your files will be copied to (or synchronized).
    Note:  In the Workstation edition, one of the above (either the Source or the Target) is required to be a local directory. In the Server, both the Source and the Target can be remote directories (if at least two remote connections are available within the license).
    • From your main interface, double-click Folder Selection in the left tree menu.
    • In the open Folder Selection pane, on the bottom right of your screen, select the Source Folder by browsing to the directories, or simply by entering the UNC path, TCP, or FTP information.
    • Now select the Target Folder by browsing through the directories or by including the Target’s UNC path or Network drive.

  5. Creating Multiple Jobs
    PeerSync gives you the ability of creating multiple jobs with different setting all included in one Profile. This means that if you have different jobs to run at different times from different sources to different targets, you add the respective job with the specific settings needed.
    • To add a second job, simply follow instructions 1.4 to 1.6, or click Add another Job item.

  6. Menu Options Tree
    The job settings (such as folder selection, Operation Mode, Exceptions, Reporting and more) can be specified by clicking in the Options menu tree on the left side of the user interface.
    You can open the menu in Basic, Intermediate, Advanced or Customized view.
    To specify the individual job settings:
    • Click on the specific job you wish to customize, by selecting it in the top right window pane.
    • Click on the appropriate Options menu.
    • Modify the settings appearing in the bottom right window pane.
    Refer to the PeerSync Quick Start Guide for specific information on jobs, settings, and running modes.

  7. Saving your Profile
    Once you have added all your jobs (Source/Target Combination) and customized the settings to perform your synchronization, save your profile.

  8. Launching your Profile
    After having saved your Profile, launch your Profile to start the synchronization by selecting the Run/View Current Profile option, and then clicking the Launch Current Profile button.

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