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Install a new PeerGFS license

Whenever you upgrade to a new version of PeerGFS, you need to install a new license.  If you downgrade PeerGFS to a lower major release, you may need to install the older license.

See Step-by-step guide for instructions on obtaining and installing a new licenses.

Step-by-step guide

To obtain a new license:

  1. Request the license using the Peer Global File Service Upgrade Form.  
  2. Download the license file to the Peer Management Center Server. 
  3. Store the license file in a readily accessible place.

To install a new license file:

  1. Open Peer Management Center.
  2. Select Preferences from the Window menu.
  3. Select Licensing.
  4. Click Add/Update.
  5. Browse to the location of the new license file.
  6. Click Open.
  7. Click Yes to overwrite the existing license.

  8. Click Apply or Apply and Close to update the new license file.

  9. If syncing has stopped, you will need to restart all the jobs.

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