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Link an existing PeerSync configuration with the PMC

To connect an existing profile running in PeerSync with a deployment of the Peer Management Center:

  1. Modify the PeerSync Profile:
    1. Open the Profile on the PeerSync machine with the PeerSync Profiler.
    2. Add the following argument to the command line in the Options/Command section:

    3. Save the Profile.
    4. Restart the PeerSync Service.
  2. Install the Peer Agent:
    1. Make sure to point the Agent at the correct PMC IP/Name.
    2. Use a local admin on the PeerSync server as the service account for the Agent. In most cases, this should match the service account of PeerSync itself.
  3. Start the Peer Agent

Once the Peer Agent is started and connected to the Peer Management Center, PeerSync will be auto-detected and a Peer Management Center file synchronization job will be generated with the name of the machine. 

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