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Does PeerSync preallocate space for a file on the target?

Yes.  By default PeerSync will do this to allocate a block of space for the file and/or to improve performance when writing to the file. 

PeerSync uses the source file size + 1 byte for the target file size during this process and then sets the time stamp on target file before beginning to write to the file.

Scenarios where this logic is not used:

  • For zero size files
  • Files transferred via ByteReplicator for Normal (i.e., non-TCP jobs)
  • Jobs with either of the following settings enabled:
    • “Additional Features” – “File Recovery”
    • “NFS Settings” – “Use Unix / Linux system for Job Scans, Copy File and/or setting Permissions option” 
  • Using alternate file copy methods such as:
    • /GFC - CopyFile API method
    • /GFS - Use File Stream method
  • Files copied via FastSync
  • When using the Advanced Backup global profile option

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