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Back up your PeerGFS configuration manually


We recommend that you manually back up your PeerGFS configuration whenever you upgrade or downgrade PeerGFS.  Backing up your PeerGFS configuration includes not only job configurations, preferences, databases, but also internal options stored in various .ini files.  Previous PeerGFS configuration information and logs are automatically retained during the installation of Peer Management Center; however, manually backing up PeerGFS provides an added layer of protection.  See the Step-by-step guide for detailed instructions.

Update versus upgrade

Although update and upgrade are often used interchangeably in the technology world, an update (or patch) is typically an enhancement to the current version of the software, while an upgrade is typically a whole new version of the software.  Overall, the processes for updating and upgrading are very similar;  however, an upgrade requires a new version license and a few additional steps.

Step-by-step guide

To back up your PeerGFS configuration, follow these steps:

  1. Open Peer Management Center.
  2. Stop all running jobs.
  3. Close Peer Management Center.
  4. Open Windows Service Manager (services.msc).
  5. Stop Peer Management Broker Service.

    The Stop Other Services dialog appears.
  6. Click Yes to stop all Peer Services.
  7. Navigate to the Peer Management Center installation directory (typically C:\Program Files\Peer Software\Peer Management Center):
  8. Back up the following files and folders by copying them to a backup location (such as a folder on the Desktop):

    PMC installation folder

    • PL-Hub.vmoptions (if present)
    • PL-Hub-Service.vmoptions (if present)
    • PL-Hub-Web-Service.vmoptions (if present)

    API subfolder

    • \API\PMC-API-Service.vmoptions (only with PeerGFS v4.6 and later)

    Broker subfolder

    • \Broker\PL-Broker.vmoptions

    Hub subfolder

    • \Hub\workspace\jobs\*
    • \Hub\workspace\prefs\*
    • \Hub\workspace\fc.ini (if present)
    • \Hub\workspace\hub.ini (if present)
    • \Hub\workspace\backup.ini (only with PeerGFS v4.5 and later)
    • \Hub\workspace\db\backup\* (only with PeerGFS v4.5 and later)
    • \Hub\workspace\db\dfs\* (only with PeerGFS v4.3 and later)
    • \Hub\workspace\db\filecollaboration\*  
    • \Hub\workspace\db\peerlink\*

    Before backing up the Hub\workspace\db subfolder, check its size.  If it is greater than 1 GB, we recommend NOT backing up the filecollaboration subfolder within the db folder.

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