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Set up PeerSync to run as a service

You can run PeerSync automatically and independent of the log-on user.


Complete PeerSync Profile settings.

Step-by-step guide

1. Select Install as an NT Service in the Startup Options screen (make sure your left menu tree is set to Advanced view, not Basic view). 

2. Click on the Show Services button, which will open the Services window.

3. Select PeerSync Professional Series Software.

4. Right-click and choose Properties.

5. Click the Log-On tab. By default, the service is installed with the Local System account. Therefore, we recommend using the Log On as option.

If any of your source or target folder selections are not located on the local machine, then you must configure the service to Log on as, which is an alternate (Domain Admin) account on your domain. This is so that the service has the rights to access the remote machines and/or devices.  When setting up the Log On information, be sure to enter and confirm the password for the account. If you do not do this, the service may not run properly.

If PeerSync is running as a service, it is recommended to use UNC paths or the PeerSync Dynamic Network Drive Mapping and Unmapping feature instead of using mapped drives. This is because mapped drives may not be understood when running as a service.

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